Notepad Notepad Simple TXT Editor for Mac

Notepad TXT Editor is a basic text editor. You can use it for simple documents or notes - without any formatting, paragraph styles or tables.

Enjoy the simplicity!

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What people say about us

I've switched to Mac from Windows, and have been looking for a basic text editor that strips out all formating when copying text from web pages, and can be used to quickly edit javascript and html files. This does exactly that - just like the trusty Windows notepad. Goodbye Windows... forever!

What is there to say? It does exactly what it says on the box! A simple notepad app. Just like its Windows equivalent - great for people (like me!) who've seen the light and switched to Mac. Nice thing is, it automatically saves new notes with the .txt extension so if you're saving to your Dropbox folder for example you don't have to worry about other programs not understanding it.

I downloaded this excelent free app in look a of a simple application where I can jot down any idea's I get. And that is exactly what I got! This is an ideal app for anyone who has lot's of ideas and easily forgets them when working on other things. Now I never have to worry about forgetting my idea's because they are all in this neat little application.

The look and feel of the application is very reminiscent of TextEdit, one minor differnce that make's this application much better is the feel and look of the text, it just looks a whole lot smoother and you aren't given any options to change the look. Which I think is great, I can just open the application and start writing down my notes.

The application uses the .txt format so pretty much and text reading application will recognize it. This is very convinient when I want to transfer my files over to my PC I can still open my notes on any application I have on my PC.

So overall it's a great application and I would highly recommend to anybody who want's to write down their ideas.

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